piatok 20. apríla 2012


Lásky.. neviem, či ste to už čítali.. no keď nie, odporúčala by som vám toto prečítať až do konca...

Ed Sheeran wrote ”Moments” 
inspired by a Louis Tomlinson story. 

”Moments” is about Hannah Walker.
As you can listen to the lyrics is pretty clear.
”Louannah” as we all called them broke up the last July, if I’m not wrong. They were for more than a year together. The rumors say that Louis broke up with her because he didn’t have time enough, the tour, career, etc. Who knows? She actually left Twitter for all the comments and also rumors about it. 

Anyways. The song talks about the last (How to say it in appropriated words?) Last time together intimately. The last goodbye. The actual action that can make your heart race and broke it at the same time, because is a way of saying goodbye this time.

So, the lyrics:
”You know I’ll be. Your life, your voice”

It means he’ll be there for her no matter what.
Obviously it must been hard for Louis leave someone so important to him in his life.

Those lyrics are screaming that no matter what, they’ll be together somehow not personally of course. But they’ll mean always something for each other. Even he said they’ll be best best friends, let’s admit it… That’s hard! I know they have the best feelings for each other, and of course she’s happy about his success.

”Undecided. Voice is numb. Try to scream out my lungs. But it makes this harder. And the tears stream down my face”
He doesn’t know how to leave someone so important. And as they’re getting closer, they’re actually breaking apart.
Is the solo most painful of Louis in the album. Did you notice how his voice sounds? Isn’t weird that he sings a little more in this song? Obviously he would. Is his song, inspired on him.

Of course is making everything harder. When you love someone so much, and you don’t want to leave, but you have to. It’s really painful. It is.

This is of course not a rumor, or an invention, or a lie. If you were there when they were together you’ll know it. Beside that, in the Twitcam for the album, last year, when they talked about the songs, they were talking about this one, and Zayn laughing said: ”Louis helped on the story behind this song” Louis just said: ”Thanks Zayn, that’s very sweet of you.” It seemed like he didn’t actually want to talk about it. Let’s be honest. Who would? 

I don’t know if Hannah knows about this. Probably she does. They used to be really close. I guess this song is kind of a gift, a goodbye, and a reminding from him to her that she was really important in his life. Even I’m pretty sure she knew it.

”If we could only have this life for one more day. If we could only turn back time”

It would be easier if they could just do everything they wanted. Turning back the time, it would be good, but he had to follow his own way now.

To be honest I wouldn’t say it was for my ex, if I had a new girlfriend now.
I guess it’s their little beautiful secret. I’m glad they keep knowing about each other, at least like this...

They were so beautiful couple....

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  1. Odpovede
    1. tak nebolo to až také ťažké :) teda, aspoň pre mňa :D

  2. jéééj!!..krásne to je!! :) ..Nikdy by som to nebola povedala!! Až mám takú bunču v hrdle!!...:') Veľmi pekné!.. Podľa mňa ju má ešte veľmi rád -->nie ako kamarátku,ale tak trocha..inak!! :D ...:)

    1. aj ja si to stále myslím!!! a stále si aj budem myslieť, že Hannah sa k nemu hodila viac ako El..ako nič proti, ale Hannah mi je oveľa sympatickejšia :)

  3. Nic proti El, ale tato je podla mna krajsia :)

    1. myslím, že výzorovo sú krásne rovnako, ale Hannah mi je sympatickejšia :)

  4. čožéé :) to som ani nevedela..

    1. no ani ja :) len keď som to našla na nete a prečítala som si to, nedokázala som sa ubrániť slzám...

  5. To je krásné :) Ani jsem nevěděla... Já tu písničku miluju a když si teď uvědomuji všechny ty city, mám nutkání brečet, jakmile jí slyším.. :)

  6. a preco sa rozisli??-Kate

  7. nemyslím si... minule som videla video kde sa pýtali Eda o čom tá pieseň je a on že ju napísal asi pred 2 rokmi pre svoju bývalú a nieje ani o tej samovražde ako sme si mysleli ani o ničom inom...

  8. Kedy uz konecne bude dalsia cast??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. boli zlatí ale s el ib to pristane viac :)

  10. To je nádherné...(: Nechápem, ako môže niekto niečo také krásne a zároveň tak strašne smutné povedať...(: Neubránila som sa slzám, fakt, čítam to asi tretí krát a stále ma to neomrzelo... :)